Wire Reinforced Hose

Wire reinforced hoses as the name suggests are hoses which have been reinforced using wire/s to increase quality and performance standards. It is important to note that any kind of hoses can be reinforced using wire. The resulting hose is what we call a wire reinforced hose. These types of hoses are common in high pressure applications i.e. hydraulic hose manufacturing. The resultant hoses are braided and spiraled to offer maximum resistance to external and internal pressures associated with high pressure applications.

As mentioned above, any type of hose can be reinforced using wire/s i.e. thermoplastic and rubber hoses. Any hose size can also be reinforced using wires i.e. from the smallest ΒΌ” hoses to 3″ heavy duty spiral hoses. It is important to note that wire reinforced hoses usually utilise standard stainless steel or brass coated steel wires with a tensile strength of 3500N/mm2. The wires usually measure between 0.15 and 0.90 mm. It is however possible to get customised reinforcements with the tensile strength and measurements you want.

One of the main advantages is durability. Reinforced hoses last longer because of obvious reasons i.e. they have been reinforced. They are also flexible which makes them easy to use and store.

Wire reinforced hoses are used in a variety of applications. Some of the most common include; injection molding, oil and marine, agriculture, food and beverage, mining, chemical industry, flexible pipes, power transmission hoses, industrial fluid power hoses, hydraulic hoses, thermoplastic hose and construction machine applications i.e. making cranes, bulldozers and caterpillars.

Common types of wire reinforced hoses
a. Flat and shaped wire reinforced hoses
These types of wire reinforced hoses are extremely flexible. They are also leak proof. Because of their flexibility, the hoses can be moved easily and reused in other applications. Their reinforcement also gives them extreme depth capabilities i.e. they can be installed up to 2500 meters deep.

b. Cable & hose braiding wire hoses
These wire reinforced hoses are reinforced with corrosion resistant cable wires with consistent tensile strength. The hoses are made by braiding stainless or galvanized steel wires over hoses made using material such as rubber. These wire reinforced hoses have numerous applications i.e. energy and utilities, power and telecom cables, flexible pipes, tools, equipment, reinforcing low pressure hoses etc

c. Steel wire reinforced hoses
As the name suggests, these hoses are reinforced using steel wires. It is important to note that steel wire reinforced hoses are the strongest hoses in the market today which can be attributed to steel reinforcing wires. The hoses are therefore great for heavy duty hose applications which require great pressure resistance. The hoses are also flexible, lightweight and corrosion resistance because they are made using galvanized steel.

The hoses are among the best because they combine a variety of properties into one i.e. great strength and low weight. It is also important to note that they can handle diverse temperature ranges. They are used in a variety of industrial applications in industries such as oil, energy and utilities.