Water Spray Guns

Water spray guns are simply gun shaped water sprays. There are very many types of water spray guns that suite all kinds of applications i.e. cleaning. Different water spray guns have different trigger designs i.e. the trigger can be located on the rear or front of the spray gun. It is also important to note that water spray guns also have different nozzle types i.e. threaded nozzles coupled with a threaded cap designs. Such designs allow easy connection to different spray patterns which are usually ordered separately.

Water spray guns also come in many different varieties in regards to gun assemblies. For instance, you can buy a water spray gun that comes with a hose connected via any kind of interconnecting fitting. In regards to product features, water spray guns are available in numerous re-circulating models. These special models don’t require o-ring lubricants, porous materials and metal springs. The absence of such parts and incorporation of re-circulating paths eliminates bacterial growth on the surface and inside the equipment.

As mentioned above, there are very many types of water spray guns in regards to factors such as gun design, nozzles design, spray type etc. Below are some of the common types of water spray guns in the market today

1. Reversible nozzle spray gun
This water spray gun has a reversible nozzle as the name suggests. This gun is designed to withstand or cope with day to day abuse. The reversible nozzle gives the gun the ability to give full cone sprays from one side. It is also possible to flip the gun over for delivering a straight water stream. This gun makes it possible to detach the nozzle completely for full flow. Most reversible nozzle spray guns have a maximum PSI of 250. It is however possible to get reversible nozzle spray guns with a PSI higher than 250.

2. Adjustable nozzle spray gun
This water spray gun has an adjustable nozzle as the name suggests. The most common nozzle spray guns are made of metal. The guns allow you to spray seedling mist or jet streams. Adjustable nozzle spray guns are engineered to cope with day to day abuse. It is also important to note that the guns have a spray pattern control which is adjustable at your fingertip. The gun also offers instant power switching i.e. you can turn the gun on and off with just one squeeze. You can even go as far as locking the handle in place to allow constant flow. The maximum PSI of adjustable nozzle spray guns is 250 like reversible nozzle spray guns. Guns with higher PSI can however be found on request.

3. Mist spray nozzle gun
This is another common water spray gun. The gun is specially designed to produce mist as opposed to a water jet. Mist spray nozzle guns are idea for applications that require water conservations. This is because the guns produce mist as opposed to water jets thereby saving water. The guns are designed to cope with hard industrial and daily home abuse. Because of the smooth nature of the mist spray produced, mist spray nozzle guns are idea for delicate applications i.e. horticultural, grocery and agricultural field applications. The guns are also ideal for delicate cleaning jobs i.e. cleaning cars, front yard etc.

In summary, the above types of water spray guns are the most common. It is however important to note that there are many other kinds of water spray guns i.e. booster cleaning water spray guns, sweeper nozzle water spray guns etc. This article should therefore be used as a basis for further research.