Water Breaker Nozzle

The water breaker nozzle is a hose attachment that is designed for greenhouses and nurseries, as it provides a gentle yet efficient water jet for flowers. The full flow shower couples with the highly durable body of the nozzle (made from plastic, aluminum or stainless steel) make the water breaker an indispensable tool for every gardener. The purpose of these nozzles is to deliver a gentle shower that will water the plants without flattening or damaging them.

The hose is lightweight and it usually has between 200 and 400 holes for an efficient shower, which makes it suitable for fragile seedlings as well. The nozzle can be easily attached to the end of your garden hose and then used. One of the most notable features of these nozzles is the rotating handle which aims to maximize the hand strength – in addition to this, most nozzles also come with adjustable handle openings.

The nozzle is designed for professional plant growers who need to water their flowers on a daily basis, without worrying about disturbing the soil or damaging the plants. The water breaker comes in different sizes, colors and dimensions, and it usually does not exceed 10 inches in height and 5 inches in diameter.

The water breaker is a wise choice for areas where the water pressure is very low, and the water flow can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the plants – the gardener can adjust the flow to 50%, 75% or 100%. In addition to the aluminum or plastic cast, most nozzles are reinforced with brass threads for extra durability and increased functionality.

The plastic cast is widely used these days, as the plastic is strong and durable and it is considerably lighter compared to steel, thus providing the gardener with extra flexibility. These hoses are designed to help you save time, as they allow you to water your plant beds within minutes only by moving your wrist. The water breakers are perfect for areas with little rain throughout the year, or for areas where the total water volume is restricted.

There are several different types of water breakers available on the market: while some of them deliver a stronger shower (and they are usually used in agriculture), others deliver a fine, soft mist that couples soft water flow with high water volume.

Moreover, some nozzles are also compatible with fertilizer siphons and the average output can exceed 6 gallons of water per minute. The amount of pressure the water breaker is able to withstand varies based on the manufacturer and the nozzle model, but usually these breakers can support up to 40-50 PSI.

The water breaker is suitable not only for hanging baskets, but for container plants located on decks, patios or porches as well. Large pots can also benefit from an aerated water flow that prevents the erosion of the soil and protects the plants at the same time. The nozzle is also suitable for seedlings as well as drenching cuttings.