Sprinkler Heads

The key to having a lush, healthy lawn is the proper understanding of the huge variety of sprinkler heads available for different types of hoses. Sprinkler heads are differentiated when it comes to water pressure, area of water distribution or the mechanical system involved in its movement. The numerous head types available on the market mean that every customer will find the best product, whatever his needs.

Head types
1. Rotary heads – These sprinkler heads are recommended for medium to large areas, ensuring almost total coverage, when placed properly. They deliver a continuous stream of water, with their rotation gear system, allowing either a partial circle rotation or a full rotation, depending on the set up. Some of the types of rotary sprinkler heads include the impact sprinkler, recognizable by its constant clicking sound, produced by the rotation mechanism. The water jet is continuous, with the possibility of full rotation or partial rotation. The dispersion distance can also be set up for perfect coverage when multiple sprinklers are intercalated. They are ideal for slopes, slow draining soils and they require a high water pressure. These sprinkler heads are available in both pop-up and fixed systems. The nozzle is detachable and is equipped with a filtering system. The gear driven rotation mechanism is water lubricated, thus ensuring endurance and reliability.

2. Spray heads – These sprinkler heads are designed for small to medium sized areas, giving a misty water dispersion, perfect for small flower gardens. They have a high dispersion rate, putting out a lot of water in a short amount of time. They cover a smaller ground area, so other units must be placed closer together. These sprinkler heads are ideal for low water pressure hoses or areas. Spray patterns are diverse, with full, semi or quarter circles available (40 to 360 degrees angles). The nozzles can be easily detached and are equipped with filter system. The almost perfect water coverage provided by spray heads is ideal for small shrubs and delicate flowers.

3. Bubbler heads – Use these specialized sprinkler heads for deep watering around trees or other perennial plants. They put out a large amount of water within a small radius, allowing a precise watering for plants. The heads include pressure compensators for water pressure fluctuations. Patterns include full or semi circles (180 to 360 degrees angles). Nozzles can be equipped with a filter screen.

Special features for various sprinkler heads available on the market:

1. Patterns
For small areas or patches of lawn which needs to be irrigated, micro spray heads are ideal. They provide various flow rates, depending on numerous factors, such as plant size, duration of irrigation or water pressure. These micro sprinkler heads are best suited for slow absorbing soils or delicate environments such as exotic gardens.

2. Automatic Retraction
Some sprinklers have a spring activation mechanism that retracts the head after the irrigation job is complete. These heads will automatically retract underground, with the help of a simple mechanism, rather than gravity. Wiper sealing is available to ensure a proper retraction of sprinkler heads.

3. Drip irrigation
Although drip irrigation sprinkler heads are not essentially sprinklers, they do have a mechanical system which allows automatic water dripping in certain areas of the garden. The mechanism is attached to a hose running underground, providing water directly to the root of the plant. These are used in arid areas where plants can grow solitarily.