Rubber Garden Hose

A rubber garden hose is designed for the garden and outdoors and is manufactured from rubber as opposed to other materials such as vinyl. A rubber garden is designed in such a way to last longer and to be more durable across a wide range of outdoor applications. Because a rubber hose is considered higher in quality, stronger and more versatile it is really the preferred type of hose to use in most garden and outdoor environments. A rubber style hose is also sturdier and more resistant to sun damage and rot. Hoses manufactured out of rubber come in many sizes and styles and typically outperform other types of hose products.

This type of hose is built with quality in mind so as to reduce the necessity for replacing a hose often. Vinyl hoses tend to break down in sunlight and require frequent replacement. A rubber hose is also considered superior to vinyl type hoses because it does not kink and develop knots. This is an important consideration because frequent kinks and knots can distract from the enjoyment of gardening and working around the yard. A rubber hose can make outdoor related chores more enjoyable because it can handle more jobs and tasks. While it is true that a rubber hose does tend to be heavier in weight than a typical vinyl hose it is still considered a higher quality product.

Another consideration when comparing rubber hoses with vinyl hoses is that a rubber hose is made of natural rubber as opposed to synthetic vinyl. This may be a consideration for anyone that enjoys drinking from a garden hose during the hot summer months. Drinking from a rubber garden hose would be more desirable than drinking from a vinyl hose that is typically produced from synthetic materials. In most instances a rubber hose is also less likely to freeze in the cold winter months because it is thick and well insulated. In addition, because rubber hoses are sturdier than vinyl hoses they are able to handle higher water pressures in applications where this type of water pressure in commonly found. Pressure cleaners are one example of where a rubber hose would be a good choice.

Whatever the case may be, a rubber hose is a great solution for a long-term garden hose solution as well as commercial type environments. From cleaning the car to spraying off a deck or watering a vegetable garden, a rubber hose is an excellent option with regard to a long-lasting garden hose. A rubber hose is very effective at resisting high temperatures as well as high-pressure. A rubber hose is the type of hose that offers outstanding performance because it is made of a material that has been used for years to produce high quality products. Rubber as opposed to vinyl is a natural product that is even more environmentally beneficial. Rubber is a versatile and well-proven material that produces exceptional products including the often times overlooked simple garden hose.