PVC Flexible Hose

PVC flexible hoses have become extremely popular amongst those who activate in the heavy duty industry, due to their numerous benefits and wide array of applications. Despite the fact that it is light in weight and extra flexible, the PVC flexible hose can be reinforced with nylon yarn of high tenacity to increase its durability and to make it even more resistant in front of abrasions and cuts, thus increasing its life span. Otherwise stated, these hoses are flexible and light yet resistant enough not to crush under heavy working conditions.

The PVC flexible hoses are used in standard industry applications, and they are resistant to moisture, chemicals and oils. They have competitive prices and a variety of features which make them flexible and very versatile – for instance, they can also be uses as risers or swing joints, given their flexibility. The flexible hoses made from PVC are usually available in ready-made reels, they can come in lengths of 30 meters or they can have customized cut lengths (usually from 10 to 60 inches). They allow fast and easy repair of the PVC pipe, and they have various diameters – the interior diameter of the PVC flexible hose varies between ½ inch to 1.6 inch.

In order to meet the quality requirements of the US, the flexible PVC hoses also contain top-notch resins, they are very flexible (which ensures faster and easier bending), they are easy to transport and store and they are resistant not only to chemicals, but to dramatic weather conditions as well. Moreover, these hoses come in a variety of colors and they can be purchased at very economical costs.

These hoses are also highly resistant in front of heat and aging, as well as very resistant to low and high temperatures. They are portable and non-toxic, and they can usually withstand a working pressure of up to 0.4 bar. The hose is smooth both on the inside and on the outside, it is odorless and non toxic and it is also resistant to UV rays. Moreover, the bending radius is very small as well, and the sturdy construction of the hose makes it a very wise investment, as it is durable over the years and it can be reused tens of times before it wears and tears.

As mentioned above, PVC hoses are very versatile and this is why they are used in many different industries: they can be used to condition fumes and dust, they are used for the suction of water, gas and powders, they are widely used in the agriculture, mining and construction industries, as well as for irrigation purposes. Last, but not least, PVC flexible hoses are also a very popular choice in the marine industry and for water pumping as well.

On the other hand, flexible hoses made from PVC are also designed for handling materials like resin, pellets or powder materials, and they are versatile enough to handle solid, semi-solid and liquid food products at the same time.