High Pressure Hose Nozzles

There are many types of high pressure hose nozzles. These nozzles are used in sewer, pipe and drain cleaning applications which have certain pressure requirements i.e. (1200 and 4000 PSI) adequate for flushing away debris. High pressure nozzles are required when thrusting action is necessary to transport liquids for long distances or flush debris.

It is important to note that all high pressure hose nozzles are drilled according to pump pressure and flow specifications. This is important in optimal performance in certain applications i.e. cleaning. The choice of high pressure hose nozzles therefore relies on the application and jetting equipment.

High pressure hose nozzles are mostly used in residential and commercial applications. Most nozzles come in sizes ranging from 1/8″ to 1″. The smallest high pressure nozzles are suitable for electric jetters used in residential applications.

High pressure hose nozzle features
1. As mentioned above, high pressure nozzles are usually drilled according to pressure specifications and pump flow to ensure there is optimum equipment performance.

2. The flow range of high pressure nozzles varies (2-60 GPM)

3. High pressure hose nozzles measure between 1/8″ and 1″ in regards to NPT sizes.

4. High pressure hose nozzles are usually heat treated (416ss). This treatment is for wear and corrosion resistance. The nozzles can handle pressures up to 10,000 PSI.

5. High pressure nozzles come in several spray patters for satisfying all kinds of cleaning applications.

6. High pressure nozzles are excellent for drain and sewer cleaning.

Main types of high pressure hose nozzles
High pressure hose nozzles are classified according to various factors i.e. shape of nozzles, application, type of nozzle etc. The most common types of high pressure hose nozzles include;

1. Button-nose nozzles
These types of high pressure hose nozzles have a button-nose shape as the name suggests. The high pressure nozzles are suitable for general cleaning applications i.e. drain cleaning. The nozzles are usually short-bodied and smooth making them ideal for tricky applications i.e. tight turns. Their design also reduced hang ups.

Common features of button-nose nozzles include; pressure rating of 10,000 PSI. They also have a flow range of 60 GPM. The nozzles are also heat treated i.e. 416 Stainless Steel.

2. Jet Nose nozzles
These types of high pressure hose nozzles have a jet nose as the name suggests. It is important to note that jet nose nozzles (J) are standard in the pipe cleaning and industrial tube industry. It is however possible to get longer length jet nozzles nose and varying nose degrees for special applications.

Common features of jet nose nozzles include; 10,000 PSI, a flow range of 60 GPM and stainless steel 416 heat treatment. Jet nose nozzles also have a characteristic long and pointed design which makes them ideal for piercing applications i.e. piercing blocked lines.

3. Rotor jet nozzle
This type of high pressure hose nozzle is characterized by a revolving nozzle capable of combining the forces of 0 to 45 degree angles to rotating under pressure. This creates a continuous water jet. Rotor jet nozzles usually have replaceable rotors which can be installed anytime to extend the life of the nozzle. The most distinctive feature of rotor jet nozzles is the 360 degree coverage. Rotor jet nozzles are ideal for polishing and finishing tools.