Garden Hose Reels

Garden hose reels have become essential tools for outdoor maintenance and landscaping. Nearly every commercial property has some foliage, flora, flower bed, or greenery that needs daily watering, and many residential properties have landscaping that needs regular watering as well. Trying to wrestle a large and cumbersome hose presents an ergonomic strain to homeowners and workers. Kinks, tangles, bends, or knots in hoses only slow the process down further. A garden hose reel gets rid of the hassle, strain, and all the lost time these garden mini dramas seem to engender. Garden hose reels make watering and irrigating quick, safe, easy, and gentler on the equipment. A good garden hose reel will also last many years under the worst conditions you’ll find outdoors.

A garden hose reel gives the outdoor minded a compact, lightweight, and portable way to store even the longest garden hoses. There’s no more worry about trip hazards resulting from long masses of garden hose strewn through the grass, or wrapped around hedges, tree trunks, and buildings. A garden hose reel also prevents kinks and knots from forming in the garden hose, extending its operational life and making it much more practical to maneuver through the yard or grounds. It’s considerably easier to unreel a hose off a reel than it is to untwist and untangle a knotted hose from a hook.

Most garden hose reels have 3/4″ female fittings and male garden adapters, along with 4′ inlet hoses that attach to the reel. Two solid or pneumatic tires on wheeled garden hose reels make transporting the unit all over the back yard, front yard, or atrium easy. Rubber front feet hold the unit in place while it’s in use. When you’re done using the hose, a direct hand crank may let you rewind the reel to wind the hose back on, and some garden hose reels even have an automatic rewinding mechanism to help manage long hoses. The handle may be folding or removable to make storing it easier when you’re done.

Reels meant for very long garden hoses tend to have hose control bars in order to keep the garden hose from slipping off. This feature is a particular favorite of commercial landscaping crews that have several flower beds or garden areas they need to water across a large property, requiring them to drag the hose reel a long distance over possibly uneven terrain. The bases of these larger reels often have holes for temporary mounting or permanent installation.

Garden reels are available both in lightweight plastic models and in heavy duty professional grade steel ones. Plastic models are available in both static wall mounted types and in wheeled free standing units, as they’re made for homeowners. While professional steel units can be permanently mounted, they’re usually meant to be portable so they can be stored in sheds when not in use. If a hose reel is made of steel, the steel is generally powder coated to prevent the metal from the harsh elements, and thereby help ensure the reel will last for many years of hard outdoor work. Good reels will also have ribbed discs and rolled edges to provide added safety and strength.