Coiled Garden Hose

Gardening tasks are no joke, which is why a gardener would need all the help he can get – and that includes tools that are easy to use and durable. The coiled garden hose is one such tool.

Heavy duty construction
Most coiled hoses, even those that are meant for residential gardening were designed to be ultra-durable so you can drag them around your lawn with no problems. Quality garden hoses were designed to be non-kinking and crush resistant; this is achieved by making use of ample amounts of raw materials during its manufacture in order to preserve coil integrity. Special coiling manufacturing techniques were applied to ensure excellent rebounding properties and tangle-resistance. For homes that require considerable gardening tasks, there are UV stabilized garden hoses too.

Topnotch materials
If you would use a coiled garden hose solely for gardening tasks, PVC and ester-based polyurethane hoses would do. They are meant to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be used for a long time. However, the best coiled hoses for general usage are made of superior polyether based polyurethane which is specially designed to last longer.

Food and water safety
There are coiled gardening hoses that should not be used for transporting and collecting water for drinking and food preparation. However, there are multi-purpose coiled hoses that are made of FDA-approved materials, particularly a low-contaminant polyurethane compound. Check for FDA and NSF approval, or BPA- and phthalate-free labels.

Length and capacity
Coiled hoses with 3/8-inch diameters (the most commonly used) can typically transport 3 to 4 gallons per minute. PSI ranges from 150 to 500; your choice would depend on the location of the water source, and the amount of gardening tasks that need to be accomplished. They are typically available in three lengths – 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft.

Easy to use
The coiled garden hose has incredible flexibility and rebounding properties, which means that they are quite easy to carry around. Even those that are 75 feet long could only weigh as light as 4.5 lbs. The flexibility also makes gardening tasks easier, and the coil design is in fact recommended for raised flower beds on the porch or deck, as well as a variety of garden sizes. Some hoses of this kind also have “tails” at both ends that make them easier to use; the tails enable the quick and easy installation of various attachments like connectors, fittings and garden hose nozzles.

Easy to Store
The properties that made the coiled garden hose easy-to-use are the same properties that made it easy to store as well. Top quality coiled hoses have self-coiling mechanisms so you won’t have to spend a lot of time prepping your garden hose for storage. The ratio of the retracted length to the actual length is also astounding; for example, a 75-ft coiled hose for your garden measures just 60 inches when retracted. This means that this type of hose is also space saving.

Solid Fittings
Coiled garden home fittings could come in plastic or brass. While it has been established that brass is the stronger material, the finishing as well as the quality of the fitting construction is equally important. Nickel and/or chrome plated finishing contributes to the durability. Solid fittings would ensure an ultra-hard and durable finish, keeping the fittings new for so long as the hose can be used.

There are plenty of options when it comes to coiled garden hoses, and when you choose the one that is a perfect fit for your needs, you can start growing gardens like a pro.