Car Wash Nozzles

Giving your car a wash regularly is an important aspect of car maintenance, but a lot of people agree that the task is not pleasant. However, a quality car wash nozzle with high pressure settings and multiple spray pattern options can make things easier.

Car wash nozzles come in a wide range of materials ranging from plastic such as PVC and durable ABS, to high grade fiberglass and metal such as solid brass, stainless steel and even aircraft-grade aluminum. Heavy duty nozzles are built to last for years without leaking, rusting and breaking. Some are hard coated to ensure corrosion resistance. There are also high-end nozzles that are made of high-performance alloys.

There are three types of nozzles used as hose attachments for washing cars: the trigger type, the traditional barrel type, or the wand type. A trigger hose nozzle has a pistol grip that makes it easier to handle and to adjust spray settings. The traditional barrel type has an adjustable knob to control spray patterns while the wand type is specially designed to produce high pressure streams of water for optimum cleaning.

Spray Patterns
Today, car wash nozzles that can be attached to the standard hose come with adjustable knobs or settings that enable the user to choose from a range of spray patterns. Spray patterns are crucial in washing cars because there are specific angles, stream types and spray pressure required to complete the task. For starters, quality nozzles for washing cars can produce high pressure jets of water for under-body cleaning. There is also the needle-stream spray option that is recommended for cleaning grills and problem spots. A softer spray may be needed during pre-soaking while a full cone spray permits effective and uniform washing. The vehicle should also be rinsed using decent water pressure.

Detergent Use
While traditional car wash nozzles typically need the separate application of detergent, there are modern nozzles that make energy-efficient detergent application possible. There are self-aspirating foaming nozzles which do not need the use of compressed air at all. Some are designed to contain the soap solution, enabling the user to choose the type of cleaning material that goes out the nozzle. Suds could be produced for pre-soaking by just putting pressure on the soap trigger, while concentrated soap may also be applied on problem areas. All those could be done easily, and the amount of chemicals needed for cleaning would also be reduced.

These nozzles are available in a wide range of connection types and sizes, as well as mounting options. They generally come in sizes that would be compatible with the standard hose (5/8 inch) and bigger hoses. Nozzles can have flow rates of .025 to hundreds of gallons per minute. Of course, this would also be limited by the flow rate of the hose in use.

Ease of Use
Most nozzles in the market today are quite easy to use; some even have specially designed ergonomic features that make it easy to make adjustments on spray force and spray pattern. Some have rubber grips that would make car washing easier on the hands.

Indeed, a high quality car wash nozzle can be quite an investment. It can turn the standard garden hose into a multi-functional tool that can be used not just for washing cars but also for washing motorcycles, RVs, decks, siding, windows, driveways, walkways and equipment like lawnmowers; it can also be used for gardening and lawn maintenance.