Brass Sweeper Nozzles

The brass sweeper nozzle is basically an attachment for the garden hose – it is a small accessory that has a solid brass construction, and the mechanism of action is very simple: the brass sweeper nozzle comprises the water into a thin yet powerful water jet that is used to remove dirt and debris. No detergent or chemicals are required, as the cleaning process relies solely on the water force to remove dirt and debris. It is a solid and low cost accessory that can even be used not only for washing your eavestrough, but also for sweeping the sidewalk and the driveway and also for cleaning your vehicle with a high-pressure water stream, perfect for removing stains.

Modern brass sweeper nozzles are especially designed to be cost-effective and time-effective, and the water usage is considerably reduced. The brass sweeper nozzle is designed exclusively for outdoor use and for residential purposes – it is not aimed at commercial purposes. Moreover, the nozzle comes with a comfort grip that allows you to grab it and hold it in place when the water pressure increases.

The nozzle must be used solely with cold water, and it is designed to fit the standard garden hose, therefore you do not have to worry about incompatibility issues. These durable sweeper nozzles release a strong and directed jet spray system that is used to clean various areas around the house.

The nozzle can be easily attached to the hose end or to threaded front nozzles and it comes in various shapes and sizes: the shape of the nozzle varies between 2 to 5 inches, and there are several different shapes available on the market: the pointed type of nozzle, which has the form of a needle and the flathead type, which is flat and directs a thick, broad water jet. The latter type is commonly used to clean large surfaces and to blast away dirt and debris quickly and with no hassles, while the needle-type is used to remove stubborn stains and debris. The nozzle is not adjustable.

The flathead nozzle creates a stream of water that is similar to a fan: a flat, wide water band that is suitable for washing surfaces using a sweeping motion. The brass construction is durable, reliable and efficient, and it allows you to use this hose accessories for several seasons in a row. The nozzles come with a manufactured guaranteed that allows you to have your sweeper nozzle changed if it starts to malfunction. The cleaning pattern mentioned above (similar to a fan) is a popular choice nowadays, as it ensures a fast, efficient and thorough cleaning of the walkways and not only.

Areas Of Application For The Brass Sweeper Nozzle
This nozzle is used for a wide range of household chores, especially for cleaning the siding, the patio, the sidewalks or the driveways with the help of a powerful stream. Some modern nozzles come with an on-off twist motion system that can deliver a strong and high column jet spray.