Automatic Hose Reels

Although there are many types of hose reels, automatic hose reels are usually categorized according to their functions. The most common types of automatic hose reels are fire hose reels. These hose reels are used to put of fires as their name suggests. Automatic fire hose reels are used in a number of industries. They are also used in commercial and residential building for purposes of fire prevention and/or protection.

As their name suggests, automatic hose reels are specifically designed to provide controlled amounts of water for various purposes i.e. suppressing fires. It is however important to note that they are only adequate for certain fires i.e. Class A fires caused by combustible solids.

Automatic hose reels are usually connected to water tanks or water mains to offer the desired pressure supply. It is however important to note that automatic hose reels can be connected to any other tank or main that doesn’t hold water. This applies to automatic fire hose reels for putting off other class fires. For instance, there are automatic hose reels which come with foam units which provide low/medium Prima LX or MX expansion foams which have fire power equivalent to using 40 standard foam fire extinguishers. Such hose reels don’t put off fires caused by combustible solids as is the case with class A fires.

It is important to note that automatic hose reels have preferred locations depending on their purpose. Fire hose reels for instance must be located approximately 1m from the floor. The hose reels should also be mounted firmly and securely with mounting brackets.

The most adequate automatic hose reels should be capable of offering 27 litre/minute. This flow rate is based on hoses measuring ¾”. For hose reels measuring 1″, the flow rate should be faster i.e. 35 litres/minute. Automatic hose reels also have flow controls and mounting options available for different hose reels serving different applications. They also have automatic in-built internal valves which open fully after the hose reel is pulled out in three full revolutions. The valve shuts off automatically when the hose is returned or wound back.

The best automatic hose reels comply with certain stringent requirements which are set out under BSEN671-1. For instance, automatic hose reels have to be extremely durable offering superb performance. Hose reels side plates should also have a protective coating which complies with the 240 hours salt spray test as required by the ISO 9227.

Automatic hose reels are bought in two main options namely; hose reel drum or hose reel complete. When you buy an automatic hose reel using the hose reel drum option, the hose is supplied with the spray or jet and a hose guide only. When you buy a hose using the hose reel complete option, you get a hose guide, a nozzle and 30 meters tubing alongside any other accessories you need to make your automatic hose reel fully functional. For instance, you can get a hose reel cabinet on request which is adequate when you have specific storage requests. You can also get a hand wheel gate valve, flexible tubing etc.