Air Hose Reels

Air hose reels are useful accessories normally used to keep air hoses wrapped and stored safely. They are designed and manufactured with high quality materials to accommodate a variety of air hose lengths and diameters. These hose reels are often mountable on walls, floors, workbenches, ceilings, or inside the trucks depending on the model. They prevent all sorts of damages and keep the air hoses in perfect condition and ready for use.

All models of air hose reels feature solid construction in hard-wearing materials such as all-welded steel, PVC cased, or high-impact plastic or rubber. Some reels come with a narrow design to provide complete ease in storage or placement. Also, durable air hose reels are often manufactured to tolerate extreme temperatures with some models retaining their flexibility in such low temperatures as -20oF.

Some reels for air hoses also feature a dual-support axle that helps to cope with the continuous vibration that is typically evident in various mobile tools. Those designed for heavy-duty applications come with a grade-steel design that offers the most reliable build. In all cases, air hose reels are designed so that the hose can easily be coiled encircling a hollow core.

Typically, air hose reels are available in a choice of automatic retractable reels or a manual hand crank. Retractable air hose reels are often resilient, hardwearing and outfitted with high-end features to meet the requirements of a workshop setting. These types of reels usually come with a reliable floor or wall mounted bracket that provides up to 7 securing spots on a ceiling or at a workbench, for maximum control and flexibility.

Retractable reels for air hoses also feature non-snag rollers with a capacity to move in 4-6 directions to reduce pressure on the air hose. The automatic recoil system facilitates the layering of the air hose across the reel, without build up at the ends. Once a specific task is completed, the hose recoils into the reel for tidy storage, awaiting the next task.

In manual air hose reels however, the recoil is done by hand or with a crank. Additionally, some models are electric or utilize water-powered engines to roll the air hose back. Most hand crank reels have smooth operation and also universal mounting options. The best in market will have spring-loaded lock pins to prevent the hose from de-reeling.

Air hose reels are valuable tools that provide a quick and easy storage space. They are designed for various air applications depending on the construction. For instance, air hose reels with a wall mountable option are ideal in a workshop or garage environment to ensure that the hose is within easy reach at all times for efficient link-up to a preferred air tool. Additionally, the horizontal type air hose reel is used for various manufacturing tasks.

Usually, air hose reels are part of a carefully-planned garage design. But whether it is designed for a workshop, a garage or industrial setting, a hard-wearing air hose reel is often ideal to complement the powerful, efficient and silent air-powered tools.