Air Hose

An air hose is a flexible tube that carries compressed air from one particular point to some other area. Basically, the purpose of an air hose is to help large amounts of air to move as fast as achievable. It is necessarily constructed to withstand lots more pressure when compared to the garden hose, and is usually engineered quite differently because of the extreme pressures they can need to withstand.

Good quality air hoses are usually durable and specially designed to endure greater temperatures. This is mainly because their ability to remain air-tight is crucial to proper operation. These hoses come with different max operating pressure as well as max operating temperature ranging from -40°F to +160°F. Despite having these extra resistant design features, air hoses are typically very flexible and some of them feature a kink proof design to increase the life of the hose.

There is a wide variety of air hoses according to material, length, resilience and diameter which also determine their cost. For household applications and general purpose, a 25ft long and ¼ inch diameter hose is normally sufficient. Other diameter air hoses are available for industrial purposes as well. Usually, long air hoses come coiled up in a reel which retracts the hose and provides protection to the hose by housing it in a metal casing.

The body material of a hose is also a significant feature. Usually Polyurethane (PUR or PU), is used to make high pressure hoses. This material is resilient, lightweight, physically flexible, and can somewhat withstand frictional wearing. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is another material used to manufacture air hoses for particular applications. PVC hoses can withstand high pressure of up to 200 PSI or even more, and are easy to handle.

Rubber is often the most preferred material for air hoses. Hoses made from rubber are usually abrasion resistant, highly flexible and can withstand high temperatures and pressure. Rubber hoses also offer great cold weather flexibility and coil easily for storage. They are designed for a broad range of construction, industrial and agricultural applications.

Many air hoses come in handy where the toughest applications and higher pressures are required. They are suited to many value oriented agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. The more familiar air hose is the one used in garages to inflate tires with air, usually delivered by a compressor. A different well-liked industry that uses these hoses is certainly the development market, where they are mainly used to drive the pneumatic tools.

Sometimes, air hoses may rely on quality accessories to operate properly and efficiently. In this regard, there is usually a variety of air hose fittings to suit different air applications. For instance, some hoses may come with a bundling strap, swivel end fittings that reduce hose twist, and also bend restrictors that reduce kinking. For many hoses, the connectors may be similar, but in other instances, they may need to be changed. The fittings do not work on all air hoses, but there are attempts to make them universal.